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Fearless Dawn #1 – Review

July 31, 2009


Issue: Fearless Dawn #1 Writer: Steve Mannion Pencils: Steve Mannion Editor: Elizabeth J. Musgrave Publisher: Asylum Press Release Date: June 2009 Pages: 32 Price: $2.95 “Jet riding good girl FEARLESS DAWN battles her arch nemesis Helga Von Krause in this mini-series from Steve Mannion. Fearless Dawn infiltrates the vaunted “Manitoba Sector” to discover the secret […]

Book of Legion: The Second Coming

July 30, 2009


Issue: Book of Legion: The Second Coming Writers: Ryan Mojica, F.S. Hayes, Tom Sullivan Pencils: Ryan Mojica, Anton Ruggiero, Rodolfo Buscaglia, James Helkowski Greytones: Mean James Helkowski Letters: Warren Montgomery, Anton Ruggiero Publisher: Legion Studios Release Date: May 2004 Pages: 44 Price: $3.95 “Volume II in the continuing Anthology of Horror. The mad priest is […]

Beautiful Creatures #1 – Advance Review

July 26, 2009


Issue: Beautiful Creatures #1 Writers: Kurtis Wiebe Pencils: Ash Jackson Colors: Frank Zigarelli Letters: Frank Zigarelli Publisher: Red 5 Comics Release Date: September 2009 Pages: 50 Price: $4.95 “They say we all have a monster lurking inside of us. Four beautiful college girls uncover their secret passengers – mythic creatures of a long dead age. The […]

Grave Tales #6 – Review

July 12, 2009


Issue: Grave Tales #6 Writers: Joe Hill, Robert Morrish, Ray Garton Artists: Seth Fisher, Langdon Foss, Glenn Chadbourne Cover Artist: Ray Garton Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications Release Date: March 2009 Pages: 40 Price: $3.95 “A brand new horror anthology comic book presented by the World Fantasy Award-winning magazine Cemetery Dance, each issue will feature three […]

Bad Kids go to Hell #1 – Review

July 11, 2009


Issue: Bad Kids go to Hell #1 Writers: Matt Spradlin and Barry “Bazza” Wernick Characters and Story Creation: Matt Spradlin and Barry “Bazza” Wernick Pencils and Inks: Anthony Vargas Colors: A.P. Colors Letters: Lamar Pye Publisher: Antarctic Press Release Date: July 2009 Pages: 48 Price: $3.50 “The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge in this sexy, […]

The Asylum of Horrors #1 – Review

July 9, 2009


Issue: The Asylum of Horrors #1 Writers & Artists: Frank Forte, Symon Kudranski, Kevin Colden, Billy George, Riste Sekuloski, Nenad Gucunja, Aaron Rintoul, Marcin Ponomarew, J.C. Wong, Robert S. Rhine, GMB Chomichuck, Attila Futaki, David Paleo, Tim Vigil Cover: Aly Fell Editor: Elizabeth J. Musgrave Publisher: Asylum Press Release Date: September 2008 Pages: 96 Price: […]

The Living Corpse: Modern Prometheus (#5 & 6) – Review

July 8, 2009


Issue: The Living Corpse: Modern Prometheus (#5 & 6) Creators/Art/Story: Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson Covers: Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, Josh Medors, Juan Fernandez Colors & Letters: Ken Haeser Editor: Ken Kolasinski Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Release Date: August & October 2008 Pages: 24 each Price: $2.99 each “The Living Corpse makes a desperate jump into […]