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The Killing Jar #2 – Review

October 29, 2009


Issue: The Killing Jar #2 Writer / Creator: Justin Zimmerman Pencils: Russell Brown Lettering and Design: Shannon Zimmerman Inks: Tom Jacobs Cover: Heather A. Riggs & Justin Zimmerman Publisher: Bricker-Down Productions Release Date: September 2009 Pages: 28 Price: $4.00 “A small Colorado town. Three drug runners with a van filled with product. Two police officers […]

Vegetable Wars #2 – Review

October 29, 2009


Issue: Vegetable Wars #2 Writer: Peter Caton Artist: Greg Hiatt Publisher: Caton-Hiatt Comics Release Date: August 2009 Pages: 16 Price: $3.50 “Enter the nightmare. Mad Scientist’s nefarious plan for world domination continues. The tension is thick in the air. Anxiety. Anticipation, trickle down the spine of everyone watching these gruesome events unfold. Events, unspeakable in […]

Gunbreed: Ghost Town Ressurected #1 – Review

October 28, 2009


Issue: Gunbreed: Ghost Town Ressurected #1 Writer: Angel Fuentes Artist: AC Osorio Letters: Carlos M. Mangual Publisher: Razor Blade Apple Studios Release Dates: June 2009 Pages: 24 Price: $3.99 “A grudge is a terrible thing to die for, but a hell of a reason to come back from the dead. Gunbreed is a supernatural western […]

Spooksville: The Bone Jangles Cases #1 – Review

October 23, 2009


Issue: Spooksville: The Bone Jangles Cases #1 Writer: Justin Fox Artist: John C. Narcomey Jr. Editor: Daryl Auclair Publisher: High Tower Comics Release Date: November 2008 Price: $5.00 Pages: 32 “Welcome to Spooksville. A demented city full of ghouls and ghosts. One particular ghoul is the skeleton detective, Bone Jangles. In this premiere issue, Bone […]

Halloween Man: Super Deformed – Review

October 22, 2009


Issue: Halloween Man: Super Deformed Writer: Drew Edwards Artists: Nicola Scott, Scott D.M. Simmons, David Baldeon, Ben Hall, Mike Furth, Terry Parr, Daniel Lundie, Sergio Abad Colors: Jesse Farrell, Brian J. Crowley Letters: Jesse Farrell, Brian J. Crowley Editor: Russell Hillman Publisher: Drew Edwards Release Date: September 2009 Pages: 112 Price: $16.99 “Murdered by a […]

28 Days Later #3 – Review

October 10, 2009


Issue: 28 Days Later #3 Writer: Michael Alan Nelson Artist: Declan Shalvey Colors: Nick Filardi Letters: Ed Dukeshire Editors: Ian Brill, Matt Gagnon Cover Artists: Tim Bradstreet, Sean Phillips Publisher: Boom Studios Release Date: October 2009 Pages: 24 Price: $3.99 “The film that changed horror forever continues here! It doesn’t matter who you are or […]

School: A Ghost Story Collected Vol. 1 – Review

October 8, 2009


Issue: School: A Ghost Story Collected Vol. 1 Writer: Brian Defferding Artists: Brian Defferding Letters: Brian Defferding Publisher: Deftoons! Cartooning and Comics Release Date: 2009 Pages: 144 Price: $18.00 “This collects the first four issues of the critically-acclaimed independent horror series School: A Ghost Story. Lindsay Buckner is a twelve-year-old girl in a small river […]