Ten Grand #5 (Image) – Review

Posted on November 21, 2013


Ten Grand #5 (Image)
Decapitated Dan: I love this book, and I mean that I really, freaking love this book! J.M.S. is really delivering a top notch story, that just reminds me of Hellblazer every step of the way. Not saying that this is a rip-off of any kind, but it has that vibe to it, and it fills that empty hole in my comic soul with the real John Constantine missing. The pacing is great here, and I LOVED the scene with Charon, the guy who transports souls across the river Styx. The artwork though made me take a step back at first. I’m not saying it was bad, because it had some damn good moments, but it is going to be something I have to adjust to. C.P. Smith’s style is very different them Templesmith’s, so it was something I wasn’t expecting for this issue. I did love the letter by J.M.S. at the end though, where he explained that since the Ten Grand world was now in Purgatory, it would be different, and that made sense. It was a nice touch to throw in and really work in the art change. Overall this book is solid, and it will hopefully stay that way for a long time to come. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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