Vegetable Wars #2 – Review

Posted on October 29, 2009


Issue: Vegetable Wars #2
Peter Caton
Greg Hiatt
Publisher: Caton-Hiatt Comics
Release Date:
August 2009
Pages: 16
Price: $3.50

“Enter the nightmare. Mad Scientist’s nefarious plan for world domination continues. The tension is thick in the air. Anxiety. Anticipation, trickle down the spine of everyone watching these gruesome events unfold. Events, unspeakable in every aspect. Every shadow and flavor, tainted by the foul, filth of X. It has been six days since Mad Scientist gave the vegetables life. Six days… and we are now on the seventh. Awaiting feverishly what will emerge from the old armory. Come now, take my hand and witness these terrible events for yourself. Behold the terror. The madness. Live this nightmare with us all!

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
You know when back when I reviewed issue #1 I really liked the artwork. Well that like has now just turned into a full blown crush. I am just blown away not only but the style of the characters but looking at them in color just adds so much depth to the look of this book. I already want to own these action figures. From panel to panel I think that this issue show cased more of what Hiatt can do. Then of course there is the Zombie Cow which is flat out GORE-GEOUS!

Story: 3.8 out of 5
This is shows more growth on the part of the writing. I think when I read issue #1, I felt it jumped back and forth a good deal. The narrator voice in this issue is more solid, the writing is much more deep, and overall it flows much better. A good way to explain what your getting here is to think back to some classic horror books where you were told a story and pictures just went a long with it. And I won’t go to deep into it but the extra Zombie Cow story, oh man! an excellent job on this issue.

Dying Breath: 3.9 out of 5
So lets start with this nice little stat. It took me 25 minutes to read these 16 pages. That is a lot of material. I read another book right after this one that had 24 pages, finished it in under 10 minutes. The growth from the creative team from issue #1 to #2 is great. The artwork just floors me and now that I understand the storytelling style I am hooked. It still gets me a little on the placement of the wording. I kinda wish it would just stick to one side of the panel, but it’s not a big distraction to where I didn’t want to read anymore.

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