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Mars Attacks: 50th Anniversary Collection

October 29, 2012


Issue: Mars Attacks: 50th Anniversary Collection Writer: Len Brown (Introduction), Zina Saunders (Afterword) Publisher: Abrams ComicArts Release Date: October 2012 Price: $19.95 “In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks, this comprehensive book is the first-ever compilation of the infamous science-fiction trading card series produced by Topps in 1962. Edgy, subversive, and darkly comedic, […]

Xenoholics #4 – Review

January 18, 2012


Issue: Xenoholics #4 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Seth Damoose Cover: Dan Duncan Publisher: Image Comics – Shadowline Release Date: Jan 2012 Price: $3.50 “IT’S TIME FOR ANSWERS! The mysterious Men in White have captured the Xenoholics and they want answers: ‘Why were they abducted? What makes them special?’ The only people who can save the […]

Xenoholics #1 – Review

October 20, 2011


Issue: Xenoholics #1 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Seth Damoose Cover: Dan Duncan Publisher: Image Comics – Shadowline Release Date: October 2011 Pages: 28 Price: $3.50 “Are you addicted to aliens? Late night Encounters? Abductions? Probes? The XenoHolics are here to help! Because everyone thinks they’re a bunch of nutcases, a support group that claims aliens […]

Salvaged: The Complete Unit Primes Collection – Review

August 4, 2010


Issue: Salvaged: The Complete Unit Primes Collection Creator, Writer, Inks: Chris Dreier Writer: Jacob Paplham Pencils: Federico Zumel, Giuseppe D’Elia Inks: James Keller Publisher: Transfuzion Publishing Release Date: Spring 2010 Pages: 150 Price: $16.99 “Salvaged is an epic adventure about a man’s thankless quest to stop the mysterious killing machines known as the unit primes. […]

Pandora’s Garage: The Misguided – Review

September 24, 2009


Issue: Pandora’s Garage: The Misguided (issues 3 & 5) Writer: Alan Bennett Artists: Alan Bennett Editors: Carrie Brawn, Rowan Watson Publisher: Black Box Comics Release Dates: 2007 & 2008 Pages: 22 Price: $4.95 “In The Misguided a ancient evil is released from a quarantined planet using a unsupecting vessel.“ Artwork: 4.0 out of 5 The […]

Jenna Blue OGN – Review

September 7, 2009


Issue: Jenna Blue OGN Creator: Jason M Burns Writer: Jason M Burns Artist: Steve Gendron, Ciaran Lucas Cover Artist: Nick Bradshaw Publisher: Outlaw Entertainment Release Date: July 2009 Pages: 112 Price: $7.99 “Jenna Blue is the story of a ruthless female assassin with pale blue skin, a condition so rare that only a small handful […]

When Drive-In’s Attack #1 – Review

August 9, 2009


Issue: When Drive-In’s Attack #1 Writers: Dwight Macpherson, Michael May Artwork: Valerio Giangiordano, Brian Maze, Earl Geier Colors: Rich Stahnke Letters: Kel Nuttall Editor: RichStahnke Publisher: Tin Star Studios Release Date: February 2009 Pages: 28 Price: $4.50 “Aliens crash land on Earth with only one thing on their mind in “They Came from Outer Space” and a tribe of amazon women fight off […]