Ghost Cop #1 (Antarctic Press) – Review

Posted on November 7, 2013


Ghost Cop #1 (Antarctic Press)
Decapitated Dan: Whenever someone puts the word ghost in front of another word, all I think of is Ghost Dad, but after reading this issue, it might change to me only thinking Ghost Cop. I had no idea what to expect with this issue but man did I enjoy the hell out of it. I know I don’t really love detective stories, but when one is done mixing horror into it, I’ll check it out. What I liked about the overall presentation here, was how the cast was introduced. All three  fell into the story perfectly, and made them very interesting. The pacing was great, and the concept is intriguing. The artwork by DiBari and Spicer was solid panel after panel. The dream sequences were very creepy and odd. Overall this was a great first issue, it set things up and made me have to come back for more. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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