Rachel Rising #20 (Abstract Studios) – Review

Posted on October 24, 2013


Rachel Rising #20 (Abstract Studios)
Decapitated Dan: This the best comic in print. There is no second guessing, it’s just a known fact at this point and if you are not reading it, I feel bad for what you are missing. This issue tackled the two main story lines that are taking place and it did it so beautifully. I am just so interested in what is happening in Manson, that I never want to leave. With the jaw dropping revelation that came in issue #19, I did figure that this would be a slower issue, you know, a way to take in what happened before moving on, but no. Zoe and Malus are so interesting and then what happens between them… UGH I NEED MORE! Then I turn the page and now we got this FREAKING AWESOME Aunt Johnny thing… UGH I NEED MORE! Surprisingly my favorite thing in this issue though was the poem to start it all off. Oh and did I mention that Moore’s artwork is GORE-Geous! This is so good, so damn good. – Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

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