Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #11 (Avatar Press) – Review

Posted on October 16, 2013


Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #11 (Avatar Press)
Decapitated Dan: I believe that I read that this series is going to be wrapping up soon, and for that I am sad. I think that Hine has crafted a great tale here, and this issue just adds more fuel to the fire as to why it should keep going. On the one hand you have our main cast and you know they are in for a world of trouble soon. Add to that the revelation of what we learned about 2 specific zombies an issue ago, and now top that all with this bus of hippies, and you got a lot of horror goodness happening page after page. The art by Aira is solid from start to finish. I think his style fits this story very well, but I do think the art is too dark at times (and yes I know that is more on the inks and colors team). It’s not too late to get on board and start enjoying this story, but it will be soon. Do yourself a favor and go get the all 11 issues, or the trade, because this one is well worth the read. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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