Monstrosity Vol. 1 (Alterna) – Review

Posted on October 16, 2013


Monstrosity Vol. 1 (Alterna)
Decapitated Dan: If I recall correctly the team behind the awesome Horror In the West Anthology is also the team behind this AGH-Mazing collection of 20, yeah I said 20, short horror goodies. Like most anthologies it is tough to tell you how great each and every story was, so let the final score I give reflect the whole of this book. The stories that stood out to me were “Hungry”, “Junk Food”, “Witch Grifter General”, “The Island”, “The Boggart”, and “Stones on the Shore”. “Hungry” to me was the highlight of the book. It was so solid on both artwork and story, and now I really want to see it continue into a full one shot or mini series. “Junk Food” was the perfect story to start this book off with, because it looked great and it was a fun read. “Witch Grifter General” was my secret love of this collection. The art and story reminded me so much of “George of the Jungle” or “ Dudley Do-Right”, it was all this fun filled great looking concept that came across so well. “The Island” was probably the best looking story in my opinion, and you can see that on the final page of the story when they get to the Temple of Dagon. “The Boggart” was one of the funniest stories in the book, and it look great too. Last but not least on my list is “Stones on the Shore” which was the most heart pulling story in the collection. Honestly, I could probably tell you why each and every one of these stories was so damn good, but I thin I gave you 6 reasons already. This is an Anthology that needs to be in your horror collection. – Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

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