Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #5 (Image) – Review

Posted on October 7, 2013


Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #5 (Image)
Decapitated Dan: Oh Todd, you so silly. I loved the first 4 issues of this book so much. I thought that the writing was beyond solid, and the artwork was something that we all needed to take in and talk about around the fire. So when issue #5 gets put in front of my face, you better believe I am excited! Hats off to the awesome creative team for doing one of the best recap pages in comics. Kristensen has this knack for writing some of the most inappropriate stuff on the planet and making it funny. I think he secretly writes for Daniel Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik. While most of this issue I would probably just consider to be dark humor, he does include some good devil worshiping and a haunted table that devours a kid. Perker is still delivering on that artwork too. It just seems to innocent but then feels so wrong. Todd is a book for people who can take a joke and not be all serious in life. I love this title, and as long as this keeps up, I will continue too. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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