God is Dead #1 (Avatar) – Review

Posted on September 18, 2013


God is Dead #1 (Avatar)
Decapitated Dan: Hmmm…. I liked it, but I’m not really sure what to expect here. The way this issue started had me really excited, you have all of these “The End is Here” moments, and then some dude comes floating through the city  and the Zeus lets you know he has had enough. However as the issue went on more Gods began showing up, so that is what is confusing to me. All of these mythological gods are popping up, so I am looking forward to more explanation on them and how they are all existing on the same world. I think it might be safer to say this came across better as a zero issue, because it was enough to get me excited, but not enough just yet to have me hooked. The artwork is fantastic, and it really shows in the 2 pages where a newscaster is talking. I really liked how that scene was done. Overall, I liked it, but I need to read more to know how much I like it. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

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