Arcane Secrets #1 (Amigo Comics) – Review

Posted on September 10, 2013


Arcane Secrets #1 (Amigo Comics)
Decapitated Dan: All ages Lovecraft huh? Well it does work, but I still think you gotta know some Lovecraft outside of just Cthulhu to get everything. Now that being said, it’s very accessible, and it is fun for everyone. The artwork lends itself to the playfulness of the story very well. The jokes are funny, but outweighed by the visual gags. Svoboda really nails taking a complex universe and making it fun and playful for everyone. It even make it more interesting to the point where I want to go in and explore more Lovecraft work in my spare time. Great start. – Dying Breath 4.0 out of 5.0

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