Westwood Witches #2 (Amigo Comics) – Review

Posted on September 4, 2013


Westwood Witches #2 (Amigo Comics)
Decapitated Dan: While it has been a little bit since I read issue #1, I never really felt to lost in reading #2. That being said, sure a recap page would have been nice, but I didn’t need it. So we start this issue with the witches discussing what to do with the writer, and things just get amped up from there. I do think that at times early in this issue the story jumped a bit and I was a little confused, but using those good old context clues I figured it out. The story really hits its stride once two of the witches decide to have some fun with a virgin (wink wink). The action builds and leads to a fantastic climactic ending that will have you screaming for more. The artwork is solid for the most part, but I did get confused deciphering between the women, who was who. The one scene that is just GORE-Geous, has to do with a head going bye bye, sorry I can’t spoil it for you. All in all, this is a must read horror comic. It deals with a subject that is not often touched on in Horror Comics, and it delivers page after page. – Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0

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