It Came! #1 (Titan) – Review

Posted on August 29, 2013


It Came! #1 (Titan)
Decapitated Dan: Well, it didn’t come to me because I really didn’t love this book like I was hoping to. I will say this, I loved the artwork. I thought that Boultwood visually delivered this book on a silver plater to every single reader. The artwork had the playfulness that I was hoping to find in the story. His use of color was also something the desrves a lot of attention, because every page was so appealing to my eyes. The story though did not jump out to me, and I think it had to do with 2 things. First the jokes were happening to often, it seemed liked every line was a joke or a word/saying that was being overused, almost like it was too dated on this time period. Second was that it takes place in England. While that is not a bad thing, and adds something extra for an American reader, I didn’t catch any accent on the 2 main characters, and certain terms being used, were not common to me. I don’t know what a Vicar is, but maybe the second thing is just me and my own feelings. Overall though, it is a fun read, and I do want to come back and check out the next issue. I did forget to mention that there is even more fun to be found in the mock ad’s and the character bio’s at the end of the book. – Dying Breath 3.5 out of 5.0

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