Helheim #5 (Oni Press) – Review

Posted on July 23, 2013


Helheim #5 (Oni Press)
Decapitated Dan: Oh my god, did you see that? Oh man, how about that? Whoa what a battle! And is that a giant beetle? Jones and Filardi deserve a raise after how GORE-Geous this issue turned out to be. The opening scene where we see the witches “technically” come face to face to talk it over was great. The writing by Bunn deserves a GORE-Geous as well, because this book is taking off… HOWEVER, due to the ending I am scared that Helheim will come to an end soon and I don’t want that to happen! This issue was so good, that I will be sad and potentially lose some eye juice should it come to an end too soon. Read this book, read it again, give it to a friend to read, then read it again when you get it back, it’s that damn good! – Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

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