‘68 Jungle Jim #4 (Image) – Review

Posted on July 23, 2013


‘68 Jungle Jim #4 (Image)

Decapitated Dan: I love it, I just love it. Every single panel of this book was so damn good, and it all came together at the end, making this one solid mini series. The artwork by Zornow did not miss a beat, and this issue amped it up to a new level. I mean you had an elephant exploding in #1, you had a tiger teaming up with J.J. in #3 to kill some zombies, but none of that compared to a worm crawling around on a zombie head here in #4. I died laughing when I saw that, it was so GORE-Geous, and perfectly timed. The story was right on pace with the artwork, because it never missed a step either. This character is so interesting, and I can only pray that we will get much more of him in the future. I think that this team, and by that I mean the entire ‘68 Crew, are delivering real Zombie stories, that people should care about. They have everything a horror boy like me could hope for, and time and time again, they prove why they are Ghastly Award Winners. – Dying Breath 5.0 out of 5.0

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