Vegetable Wars #4 – Review

Posted on April 27, 2011


Issue: Vegetable Wars #4
Peter Caton
Greg Hiatt
Publisher: Moon Comics
Release Date:
October 2010
Pages: 24
Price: $4.50

“From the fire and ash. From the burning flesh. Comes the day after the first great battle of the vegetables and the people of Town. In the streets before us, lies a deathly silence. The streets are strewn with victims. The houses are covered with blood. Meeker eyes turn away. But this narrator urges you to look on. Do not turn your gaze to a brighter day. Witness the horror first hand. The quiet horror of the day after the day the mighty vegetables came our way. The horrible vegetable armies. The grotesque visages of a familiar mutated form, the vegetables form the mighty ranks, controlled by the despotic reign of Mad Scientist. This great vegetable phalanx, unleashed onto the world through Mad Scientist’s evil plan, the vegetables took siege to the unsuspecting world around. People lay victim. Others, wounded, imprisoned. Such is the horror witnessed in the morning after. Continue this journey. Meet the aftermath head on! All in this morning, broken, by the sounds wailing out of all those injured, bloodied, and utterly disarmed.”

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5
This is easily my favorite visual issue of Vegetable Wars yet. It’s not just because it is black and white, I do love me some colored killer veggies after all, but it is more why it is black and white. The visuals carry the tone of this issue so well that it made me really start to feel for the loses that the cast were dealing with. Of course this issue showcases some great character designs and even some playful scenes, but the clincher on this issue was doing it in black and white.

Story: 4.5 out of 5
The initial surge is over and the town of Town is recovering. Like I said in the art breakdown, this issue was done right because the mood that Caton is going for comes across on all levels. So while there is little action in this particular issue, it moves us into the realm of really caring for the main cast and the people who live inside this book. Like previous issues it is wordy, I want to say it took me a solid hour to get through all 24 pages, and Peter’s writing is getting stronger by the issue, so there is little to not enjoy here.

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
I think we all know that I loves me some Vegetable Wars, and I think it is honestly about time you did too. The GORE-Geous artwork by Hiatt and the strong storytelling of Caton just makes this book a winner time and time again. This issue nailed the right tone for a “Day After” story to take place. Easily one of the best reads this year, so stop stalling and buy the trade collecting issues 1-3 and this issue already!

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