Feeding Ground #1 & 2 – Review

Posted on December 22, 2010


Issues: Feeding Ground #1 & 2
Writers: Swifty Lang, Chris Mangun, Michael Lapinski
Artist: Michael Lapinski
Letters: Michael Lapinski
Editor: Paul Morrissey
Publisher: Archaia
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 64
Price: $3.95

“This new series is ripped right out of the real-life drama unfolding on the Mexico-Arizona border! FEEDING GROUND reaches a large and diverse audience no matter your personal point of view on the issue. In this factious story, a famine caused by Blackwell Industries drives Diego Busqueda, a noble “coyote,” to lead a band of Mexican border crossers across the unforgiving Devil’s Highway, a desert cursed with blistering days and deadly nights. Back home, Diego’s daughter Flaca discovers that something hungrier prowls the factory fields. Stalked and persecuted, can the Busqueda family maintain their dreams of immigration or will the horrors of the desert tear them apart?”

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
I really think that some people may look at preview pages of this book and just initially pass on it, but I want to make sure that you see my point of view before you judge too soon. I actually like the look of this book and think that colors and style used set the tone for the story very well. The character designs are great and yes most people may think that the werewolf is a little off, but I like it. I like to see different interpretations of things. So I say that the artwork here works quite well.

Story: 3.0 out of 5
I really wanted to enjoy these two issues more than I did. Now I am not saying that they were bad, because they weren’t. I just felt that the pacing was off. By the time I finished the first issue I was glad that I had #2 on hand to read as well. By that I mean that #1 really didn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t think that the way it ended had me wanting to come back for more. However after reading #2 I do want to read more, and I am glad that I didn’t give up right away. I just think that it needs to really pick up the pace and start to head somewhere good and be able to hold that until the end.

Dying Breath: 3.5 out of 5
The easiest way to sum this book up is that I liked the art but had to try to find a way to like the story. I got there in the end, but it did take a while to really get on board with this one. I think it can go somewhere though, and I am looking forward to what does come next. One thing I have to say that I like about this book is that it is down in a flip book format where you are also treated to a Spanish version of the story. So overall it was okay but I think it will get better as #2 ended strong.

If you would like to buy or know more about Feeding Ground #1 & 2 you can find it at http://www.archaia.com

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