The Apocalypse Plan OGN – Review

Posted on September 6, 2010


Issue: The Apocalypse Plan OGN
Rafael Nieves
Dan Dougherty
Rafael Nieves
Transfuzion Publishing
Release Date:
Pages: 82
Price: $12.99

What if Heaven and Hell were corporations, and instead of sales, their charts tracked souls? And what if one company decided to initiate a hostile takeover of the other?

It is the story of Revelations as each company is vying for control of the ‘market’ (mankind). And while there are battles, to be sure, the feel of them, for the most part, are more akin to an action/adventure or espionage thriller than to any Judeo-Christian/Greco-Roman, Biblical visualization.  Written by Rafael Nieves (Marvel’s Hellstorm, Vampire: The Masquerade) and illustrated by Dan Dougherty (Rotten, Cyclone Bill).

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5
What is this? Another Dan Dougherty drawn book. Wow, that is 3 reviews for him in as many weeks. Welcome to the world of The Apocalypse Plan. a world that looks just like our own, wait is that the Statue of Liberty! NO YOU DAMN DIRTY DOUGHERTY(S)!! Alright it rocks. Dan’s work is quickly rising on my list. What works here is really almost everything. I have to say that the best touch and most unique things, were the first 7 pages of the story. What an awesome idea making it opening movie titles like. The interior art is great, and the character designs are only emphasized more by great gray tones. My one single downside, is the cover. Something just seems off about the character Theda on it. But on the whole, it is GORE-Geous!

Story: 4.5 out of 5
So Corporate mixed with Religion, I gotta say I’m kinda on the fence already. However I knew that I still wanted to check this one, just that it might not be my cup of tea, boy was I wrong. What develops in these pages is a fun, apocalyptic, action and horror approach to getting me geared up for more, that had better be coming soon. The dialogue is fresh and full of short comical moments, while still hanging close to the action at hand. I just got it, this books is the Die Hard of the Horrific Corporate Religious World of Comicdom! Dead serious, it is an edge of your seat story, with some twists and turns that just make it play out beautifully. So yes I have a few downsides. I kind of felt that the ending was open to interpretation. I say that because when I was done I asked Rafael Nieves if what I thought was what he was after. He said I was close but not 100% right. See now to me that makes it that much more exciting, to know that it can be perceived differently, but it also kinda sucks that maybe it wasn’t perfect. The other is the mind trick played on my with the character Theda, which I won’t go into, because I won’t spoil anything.

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Wow that is a lot of typing. I don’t know how you other reviewers do it. I wish I would just say I like it, or I don’t, but that defeats the purpose of trying to come up with great lines that make you want to jump on board or overboard on a project. So summing this one up is easy, read it. Plain and simple. I think what started off as intriguing only goes uphill. There was never a moment where I was not excited to turn the page. The ending really left it open for a possible series of more volumes to take off. The art work is great, the story is solid. So stop waiting, go buy it, get your neighbor to buy it and enjoy the hell out of it. I know I did and now for the next few months I will pester this creative team for more.

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