Kaci Hansen Presents #1 – Review

Posted on June 10, 2010


Issue: Kaci Hansen Presents #1
Jeff Hughes
Josh Barker
Colors: Sean Salazar
Typesetting: Jason Dube
Publisher: Comic Book Divas
Release Date: June 2010
Pages: 36
Price: $5.00

“The comic tells the story about four college students students who are assigned to do a documentary on the subject of “Myths And Religions” their destination is the “Island Of The Dolls” located in Southern Mexico. The four will investigate the legend of a ghost girl who is said to haunt the island and the dolls that have been left by tourists are said to wonder the island at night. The four women will spend the night but will they be alive in the morning to tell their story?

Artwork: 3.5 out of 5
It’s always fun to find a new book to check out. With this issue the artwork was pretty solid. I loved the character designs and the dolls. What threw me off though was the coloring and placement of the panels. Now it wasn’t that they were really bad, on the other hand I think that the colors at time were a little overpowering. Maybe it is because I like my horror black and white, especially with a story style like this one. When it comes to the panels, I kind of felt that some were too small, when something should have been emphasized more, and then others were too large when they should have been smaller. Overall though the book does come together nicely, but a few changes here and there and I think it would work a little better.

Story: 3.0 out of 5
I love the concept of the narrator style, and adding in an actual person as the host really takes it up a notch. Here’s what I liked about this issue, the pacing was good, the jokes were good and the concept is good. What I didn’t like was certain scenes when it came to the dialogue. I think that if one of your friends dies your going to be a little more freaked out, than what was depicted here. Like I said the concept and idea are good and make it very interesting, but some of the execution to get from start to finish could have used a little more work.

Dying Breath: 3.0 out of 5
When I think back to what I just read, I keep thinking Elvira or one of the monster showcase movies of the week. The narrator approach is great and works, with funny quit hit jokes. Make sure you know the kind of jokes to expect though. Gut busting laughter won’t ensue, but for that real B-Movie feel your going to get your fix. The artwork is good and overall I liked this book. Some minor touch ups here and there would make this one a solid read all of the time.

If you would like to buy or know more about Kaci Hansen Presents #1 you can find it at http://comicbookdivas.com/ and at Scattered Comics Studios http://scatteredcomicsstudios.com

Comic Book Divas will be debuting “Kaci Hansen Presents…Hello Dollies” with a Limited Edition Cover at the Texas Comic Con June 18th-20th at the San Antonio Event Center http://texascomicon.com

Kaci Hansen is an artist, musician, writer, performer, dancer, director and special effects makeup artist, with a passion for all things horror, who tries to find as many ways as possible to integrate her love of the genre in with everyday life. Kaci was one of 13 lucky finalists in Fangoria Magazine’s nationwide search for their 2010 Spooksmodel, where she came in first place in the first fan-voting; she is also the founding member of the Central Valley Horror Club that offers horror themed entertainment throughout the Central Valley California area.

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