Echoes of Dawn #1 – Review

Posted on March 31, 2010


Issue: Echoes of Dawn #1
Z.M. Thomas
Pencils: Cliff Richards
Colors: Mike Bartollo
Letters: Zach Matheny
Trepidation Comics
Release Date:
Jan 2010

Echoes of Dawn follows Ethan’s terrifying journey into the city of Eastport, where he is met with the ghosts of the past who help him unravel the dirty secrets tied with the Deray name.

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5.0
This is a great looking issue. The character designs are really nice and very realistic. They stay nice and consistent throughout the issue. The coloring is spot on and adds a nice photo like quality to the pages. The artwork is easily the highlight of this issue.

Story: 3.0 out of 5.0

So what works here really well is the dialogue. The interactions are great and like the art very realistic. For a first issue though I found myself a little more confused than I would have liked. I think there is a nice plot started, but I didn’t think enough of it was covered. A great introduction to the cast was given, but that in depth look that leads you to want to know more was lacking a little. However it was not enough to make me not want to know more, because there is one creepy element to this book that I want to see played out.

Dying Breath: 3.5 out of 5.0
While the artwork is strong the story can’t keep up in the first issue. Some great plot points were laid, but not enough structural support was really added to hook me after one issue. However the creepy factor is working for this book, as I find my intrigued to see where it is heading. Great looking art and a strange twisted plot seem to be on the horizon for this one so consider me on board for more.

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