Wulf and Batsy Vol.1 – Review

Posted on November 5, 2009


Issue: Wulf & Batsy Vol.1
Writer / Creator / Artist:
Bryan Baugh
Cover Illustration & Introduction:
Josh Howard
Publisher: Crypt Logic Comics
Release Date:
September 2009
Pages: 240
Price: $20.00

“Nominated as BEST HORROR COMIC BOOK of 2008 by the Rondo Hatton Awards! Wulf and Batsy by Bryan Baugh chronicles the adventures of a ferocious werewolf and his cute female vampire companion, as they wander the earth in search of a place to call home. Along their way they run into angry villagers, zombies, mad scientists, and a horde of other weird monsters. Wulf and Batsy, Volume 1 is the first collected trade paperback in this series. This 240-page volume contains the first 2 complete Wulf and Batsy stories: “We Have No Home” and “Bizarre Experiments”. Also included is a Pin-Up section featuring images of Wulf and Batsy drawn by guest artists such as Josh Howard, David Hartman, and others. The last section of the book is a 40-page supplement, packed with sketches and explanatory text, showing how the characters were created and how the stories were developed.

Artwork: 4.3 out of 5
I will just start out plain and simple, Bryan Baugh is easily on my top 5 favorite artists list. This collection does nothing but make me sit back and wish I could draw zombies, skeletons, vampires and monsters this good. Alright, so now that we got that out of the way, the character designs are very cool, especially Wulf, and they stay consistent from panel to panel. So why do I give it a 4.3? The art isn’t rich in detail, but it’s playful and fun. It makes the subject matter seem light hearted when it’s not. It’s a great trick. So jumping to the Extras in this collection, Bryan does a cool job of throwing in some history on how the characters were developed and some of his old page designs. Overall I can’t get enough of it.

Story: 4.5 out of 5
This is what shines above and beyond here. There is just this old-school sense of Harvey comic, where your favorite little characters get into trouble and have to be saved somehow. I mean it’s such a simple premise but it’s so dark. So while your thinking it’s kid like in nature the themes are so adult you can’t go wrong. Mix that in with the humor of Captain Bloodclot’s Famous Novelties and your easily entertained for two hours. I touched on the artwork in the Extras section but Brayn also supplies you with some real in depth commentary. Walking you through his designs and process is a real nice touch.

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
So overall you got Super Fan Decapitated Dan praising this collection because it is just that damn good. The artwork and story are fun and playful but also quite decieving. You will know what I mean when you see this cute little werwolf tear off a mans jaw. I was highly entertained from start to finish and all I know is I want more. So while I go over to Bryan’s house and force him to start making more, you go and buy this trade. I can not reccomend it enough.

If you would like to know more about Wulf & Batsy Vol.1 or to purchase a copy please go to http://www.cryptlogic.net

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