In Flesh and Spirit #1 – Review

Posted on September 29, 2009


In Flesh and Spirit #1
Overtone Comics
Winter 2009

This is a very professional looking horror comic and in different times would have been enjoying far greater distribution across North America and beyond. However this team are more than capable of creating their own success. They combine the latest craze for Goth rock with those time honoured strands of ancient fear to lay before their readership a tenebrous account, which cleverly spans the generations thanks to the guile held in Baron Misuraca’s storytelling. David G. Williams pencils and inks fuse perfectly with Jarreau Wimberley’s grey tones to embellish this premiere with an ambience devised to unsettle. One of the vampire breed, this time heralding from the 14th century, once again stalks the streets of our world, trying to satiate his blood lust yet plagued by the symbols of religion and an undying desire for redemption. The dread prospect of eternal damnation claws at his shoulders, but there are even more questions asked of those who wrap themselves away in religion, excusing their own loathsome calling.

– Peter Normanton

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