The Evil Inside #1 – Review

Posted on September 17, 2009


Issue: The Evil Inside #1
Writers: Bart A. Thompson
Artists: Paul Schultz Jake Sumbing, Giovanni P. Timpano
Letters: Brant Fowler
Publisher: Approbation Comics
Release Date: June 2007
Pages: 28
Price: $3.00

“Within this first issue are the stories of “Southern Hospitality,” “Word is Bond,” and “Fox in the Henhouse.” Horror short stories (sometimes with a touch of sci-fi) that will make you take a look inside yourself and pull out everything morbid, twisted, and gruesome.

Artwork: 3.8 out of 5
A great collection of art by three very different artists. To me Timpano’s style stood out the most. I liked the look of his characters, very Scott Wegener like. The other two seemed a bitty jumpy from very good looking polished panels to a more rushed style. However they were all great looking and really complimented the stories. The shadows and grey tones used in each really stood out.

Story: 3.8 out of 5
I enjoyed this anthology. I kinda got the feeling that Thompson was trying to get the hang of a shorter story style though as they did seem see a little rushed. “Southern Hospitality” had an awesome twist and stood out to me as very unique and original. Overall if this was a first effort it was very well done and I can’t to see where he can take his stories in the other issues. 

Dying Breath: 3.8 out of 5
This is a nice anthology to pick up and enjoy. The stories are very nicely done and the artowork is spot on. I have read some of Thompson’s other books and I know that he has what it takes to stand out in the horror genre. So while this was just his first issue I know that the rest will only be better as his craft improves.

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