Vegetable Wars #1 – Review

Posted on September 10, 2009


Issue: Vegetable Wars #1
Peter Caton
Greg Hiatt
Publisher: Caton-Hiatt Comics
Release Date:
June 2009
Pages: 16
Price: $3.50

“In the beginning, there was Town. A simple place, where mysterious and often deadly things occurred. Town’s history has always been riddled with intrigue, chaos, discovery and death. Tonight, at the Derby observatory, you shall witness a new chapter in Town’s history, a chapter that will change all that you thought you knew about vegetables. Yes, this chapter in Town’s history will irrevocably alter the way you look those benign, yet tasty foods that your doctor always wanted you to eat more of.  Tonight, the vegetables go to war…

Artwork: 3.8 out of 5
When I saw the art for this book online I started getting excited and I knew I had to check this one out and share it with all of you. The character designs are really cool looking and the art stays nice and constant throughout the issue. Where I started to worry was in the colors. Most panels look amazing but a few seemed to have a little too much shading for my taste and the art just wasn’t as strong. I want more of the vegetables though! The placing of the wording was a bit off too. I would have to say that it could have been collected better instead of it’s placements. I kinda got lost a few times.

Story: 3.6 out of 5
Okay so before you start going off that it’s just Attack of the Killer Tomatoes I will put you in your place and say your wrong and leave it at that. I like the story here. What started getting to me was the repetition of names in the dialogue. I get the everything is simple idea, like the town of Town. I like that, but repeating Mad Scientist over and over was kinda too much. Story wise it flows very nicely, full of good humor, but too short. It ended on a high note but I thought it could have had some more to it.

Dying Breath: 3.7 out of 5
This is what I would probably refer to as an issue #0. You get the whole back story and when your ready to jump into the pool it ends. However basing it on what is given it is a solid first issue the just ended a little too early. I love the concept, I love the art and I will read more. I think what they got going is really cool. There are some tweaks that I think could be made to making it more solid but overall awesome job.

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