Zombie Tramp #1 – Review

Posted on June 28, 2009


Issue : Zombie Tramp #1
Creator : Dan Mendoza

Writer : Dan Mendoza
Artist: Dan Mendoza
Letters: Dan Mendoza
Publisher: Dan Mendoza
Release Date: June 2009
Pages: 36
Price: $5.00

“A story of revenge, when hollywood’s most beautiful call girl is set up as a zombie meal.

Ingredients to making Decapitated Dan love a new Zombie comic:
1. Start with a killer story idea.
2. Draw some sexy women to grab my attention.
3. Mix in some nice, bloody, zombie killing human panels.
4. Give it a fun title.
5. Shake well and you have Zombie Tramp #1

Artwork: 4.2 out of 5
There are two styles of art I love. I love the highly detailed stuff and I love the cartoony styles. I think it’s more based on the fact that I like nice humor story over the serious ones. So I was very pleased with the overall look of this book. It fit the story nicely, the panels were always looking great and the subtle use of color sold it. Plus every now and then you get a sexy lady to look at.  I want to see a lot more  from Mendoza very soon.

Story: 3.8 out of 5
Overall a nice first issue. The story gets you introduced to the characters and dives a bit into the main plot. I liked how it was left open at the end for more, but I did have some confusion on the escaped prisoner, which will more than likely be answered in issue #2 . The communication between characters is great with some good humor thrown in.

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
It amazes me how much solid work is out there that I might not normally go and check out. Zombie Tramp #1 is a good solid first issue with some nice art and good story. It leaves you knowing more is coming but is complete within itself. I think if your a fan of the art and story style it’s a must grab issue.

To purchase Zombie Tramp #1 please go to http://www.comixpress.com

For more info on Zombie Tramp and the work of Dan Mendoza please go to http://www.toxiccandie.com/

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