Shades of the Night #3 Review

Posted on June 12, 2009


Issue : Shades of the Night #3
Writer :
Troy Hasbrouck
Artist: Erik Williams
Publisher: Jester Press
Release Date: May 2009
Pages: 29
Price: $3.49

I know what your thinking. It’s issue #3 DD why are you starting there? Well simple my review reading minions, it’s what they sent me. Jeez!I know, it’s issue #3 and it is my first adventure into the world of Sabrina Voght. The Shades of the Night series are a group of stand alone issues that follow her past, present and future.

Artwork: 4.2 out of 5
Erik Williams’ work in this issue is flat out gorgeous. The panels read nicely and flow into one another. However there were a few that were close-ups on the female faces, which I found a bit off. But overall 98% of the issue looks amazing.

Story: 3.8 out of 5
Not knowing anything about the character of Sabrina made me scratch my head in the beginning of the issue. While I was not told 100% of who she was I got a good understanding of the character. Nice interactions and a nicely done story overall really helped out. My only suggestion to the writer is since this series contains stand alone issues, give a quick recap of who’s who.

Dying Breath: 4 out of 5
The artwork is very solid. The story captured my attention right away. A great action scene to start it all off. I went into this kinda mesmerized by the artwork and while I felt it cam out a bit ahead, don’t think for a second I won’t be picking up all of the other issues. I want to know more about Sabrina Voght and her world.

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